Our Mission Statement

Students and families

Our mission is to assist college bound students and parents with an objective understanding of the college financial aid process. We will educate families with the key fundamentals of how to pay for college and also provide quality customer service throughout the entire financial aid process. College Financing Group is dedicated to serving all college bound students and families while providing expert advice and valuable information needed to pay for the college of their choice.


We will assist college bound students and families with an objective view of the complete financial aid process and all options at the respective colleges of their choice, thus increasing the number of potential applicants that can afford to pay for college. Our purpose is to assist college bound students and families in completing financial aid applications accurately and in a timely manner providing families with the opportunity to review all available grants, scholarship, work and loan options. College Financing Group strives for the college bound students and parents to have a complete, objective understanding of the financial aid process which will promote positive dialogue with the financial aid administrators at the college of their choice.

High School Counselors

College Financing Group strives to be a trusted resource and compliment your efforts in advising college bound students on how to make college affordable. Our group has over 35 years of financial aid expertise and continues to focus on the ever changing rules that govern federal and state financial aid. This enables your office to focus on the academic standards and college admissions process that many high school students need. College Financing Group can support you with in-class Financial Literacy seminars, Financial Aid seminars for College Bound families, Underclassmen Financial Aid Awareness seminars, and much more.


College Financing Group will tailor presentations for your employees with a focus on high quality expertise that delivers a full understanding on how to pay for college. We strive to minimize the time, energy and stress associated with the financial aid process as one of your exclusive employee benefits offered to the college bound students and families.