College financial aid professional and director Cindy Kohlman

In hiring College Financing Group, we never expected such a large return on our investment. They helped us recover over $4,200 in grants for the current academic year. We would have never known the money was available without their expertise. CFG has educated us on the process and we look forward to working with them throughout the year.
James G.  North Tonawanda, NY

We’re very impressed with the financial aid award. We wrote the college a letter that was modeled after the letter we wrote at College Financing Group’s recommendation and assistance. Writing the letter was very beneficial as they increased the scholarship from $40,000 to $60,000. Your guidance resulted in an additional $20,000 of financial aid. We will gladly recommend you in the future.
Pat and Judy B.  Rochester, NY
I contacted College Financing Group to assist in my student loan repayment.  At the time I had loans through multiple lenders and needed assistance in finding a repayment plan that worked with my budget.  With their expertise, they guided me towards a new repayment plan. I can now stay afloat and not stress about how I am going to pay my next bill.  Thank you  College Financing Group!
Christine C.  Niagara Falls, NY
Kevin P. Donovan, Director of Enrollment Management for Villa Maria College

A huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders as well as my mother’s. I feel we can now afford college by understanding the many options to pay. It is a huge relief and now I can focus on my studies. Your services were of great value!
Jacquie C. – Chicago, IL
I am happy to promote College Financing Group to anyone. This past year I had many circumstances happen in my life. My business was suffering due to the economy, I had two children in high-priced private colleges, along with supporting my elderly parents. College Financing Group advised me to file for financial assistance on-time and to clearly communicate my current situation with the financial aid office. After providing a detailed letter and documentation, I was thrilled to discover that my two children will receive $18,000 each in school grants and $2,500 each in Federal Work-Study. Thanks to their guidance and expertise I feel like a huge financial burden was lifted!
Danny M. – New York, NY
My husband I were clueless with all the details of financial aid, loans, and the high college costs. College Financing Group spoke to us for almost two hours so far and also assisted in filing our FAFSA/CSS Profile paperwork online in a timely fashion. When we get the financial award letters from all of our daughter’s colleges, he will assist us to evaluate what each offer means and how much you need to borrow and what type of loan would be best and what the payments will be. We didn’t want to blindly sign the loan paperwork without having a knowledgeable advocate to explain it all to us. College Financing Group has been our guide to simplifying the financial aid and assistance process. Having an objective industry expert saved us a lot of time, money and stress. We highly recommend them to anybody concerned about the cost of college.
Melanie C  Lockport, NY
Thank you so so much for all your help in “finding” money to pay for Nick’s college education! You truly are an expert in the college financial aid process.  I am fortunate to have found you – I don’t know how I would have navigated all this without you!!!

Barb R.  Grand Island, NY

Just a quick note to thank you so much for coming to meet with us yesterday.  You have no idea how thankful Dave and I are to you for the independent advice you gave Monica.  As parents we try and guide her, but what you said really hit home for her.

Susan S.  Orchard Park, NY

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for our informative meeting yesterday. Your insight is comforting. Your kind words to my daughter went a long way. Admittedly, it has been somewhat of an emotional roller coaster with her recently (hopefully just typical 17 yr old girl stuff) but your compassion yesterday not only put my wife and I at ease, but you instilled confidence in my daughter. I think we too often get caught going 100 mph and neglect to see things from the shoulder of the road. I just wanted to let you know you have a unique ability and it was apparent in our meeting. Can’t thank you enough.

David M.  Buffalo, NY

Andy – just want to give you a very public thank you for your help in getting my son’s scholarship offer increased by 20%! Your service is worth every penny.

Peter H. – Kings Park, NY