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Private student loans serve as a way for students to fill the funding gap between the cost of attending school and the amount of federal loans, grants, and available scholarships.

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Our partners at LendKey are a network of over 160 not-for-profit credit union lenders who use common underwriting and pricing to provide members with an affordable private student loan program. Since the maximum amount freshmen students can borrow in federal loans for college is just $5,500, their Private Student Loan program makes it possible for families to afford college when federal loans and financial aid aren’t enough.

With rates as low as 3.12% APR (with AutoPay), LendKey’s competitively priced private student loans can be even more affordable than federal student loans. In many cases parents and graduate students with good credit can get a better rate on a private student loan compared to a federal PLUS student loan.

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Affordable private student loans for college

LendKey’s Private Student Loan program lets you borrow only what you need to pay for college. Other benefits include:

Low Student Loan Rates

Low Interest Rates

Rates start at just 3.12%.

No Origination Fees

No Origination Fees

Most lenders don’t charge origination fees when you take out a loan.

Cosigner Release

Cosigner Release

Borrowers with good credit who make consecutive, full on-time principal and interest payments can be eligible for cosigner release.

1% Interest Rate Reduction

1% Interest Rate Reduction

Borrowers who have entered the full repayment period and repaid a certain percentage of the loan principal can have their interest rate reduced.

Interest Rate Reduction with Automatic Payments

Automatic Payment Savings

You may be eligible for an interest rate reduction of 0.25% when you sign up for automatic payments.

Tax Deductible Interest Payments

Tax Deductible Interest Payments

Many borrowers can deduct the student loan interest they pay on their taxes.

It takes just minutes to apply online and save money on college with an affordable private student loan.

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"A huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders as well as my mother’s. I feel we can now afford college by understanding the many options to pay. It is a huge relief and now I can focus on my studies. Your services were of great value!" --Jacquie C. – Chicago, IL

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