Why Use College Financing Group?

Save money, time and stress with the guidance and expertise of College Financing Group's dedicated financial aid counselors.

Save money, time and stress with the guidance and expertise of College Financing Group’s dedicated financial aid counselors.

For many families and young people, an acceptance letter from a college/university represents the culmination of a long struggle, one that involves overcoming obstacles, maintaining high grades and completing months of research and applications. Still, once a high school student or young adult is accepted into a higher learning institution, the struggle families face to secure an affordable education is only just beginning.

Applying for financial aid, understanding options like grants, scholarships and other resources that can make college affordable can be just as challenging, and statistics show that many families may be unwilling or unaware that they can turn to helpful college financial aid consultants for support and answers to their questions.

A 2012 report by National Economic Research Associates, Inc., a global financial firm, indicated that more than half of college students don’t seek financial counsel before borrowing money for college. Worse for many, the report found that these young adults and their families were not aware of the full effects of the interest rates and repayment terms they agreed to with their chosen financial institutions.

The results of a poor financial decision can undermine a college student’s ability to excel in the real world. That’s one of the main reasons, we at College Financing Group are so committed to helping our clients. By providing educational services at a low cost and offering premium packages that can help students and parents secure real value, we look to guide today’s students toward affordable choices and options for college that will enable them to secure a stable financial future.

Simplifying financial aid processes with College Financing Group
Financial aid can be a dizzying process for parents and students due to the sheer number of available options. With federal, local and state aid each providing different avenues for paying for college, parents may not know the best path that allows their student to maximize his or her specific skills and eligibility.

With the help of our financial aid experts, parents and students can secure the advice and guidance they need to balance the many responsibilities they need to manage.

Together, our experts can help families:
• Ask the right questions
• Complete financial aid applications and meet important time-sensitive deadlines
• Select affordable colleges that meet their academic needs
• Understand Financial Aid Awards and assist in appealing for more aid.

College Financing Group provides high levels of customer satisfaction
No matter where you are in the college payment lifecycle, College Financing Group has helped similar clients gain the support they need. Our testimonials speak for themselves. With our expertise and dedication, we can assist aspiring students as they seek to obtain financial aid including scholarships that can reduce the total cost of their education and we can help student loan borrowers with the repayment of Stafford or Perkins loans and other borrowing by crafting loan repayment plans.

Save on your education costs with the personal touch of College Financing Group
At College Financing Group, our clients receive the utmost service and understanding. We offer a number of premium, flat-fee services that can allow families, college students and graduates to come to informed, cost-effective decisions that make paying for college easier. And we do all of this with a personal touch that is unmatched.

Our financial aid consultants can meet families in the New York area at home for an informative consultation, and for our nationwide clients, we’re always available by email, fax and phone.

For more information on how College Financing Group can begin helping you reduce your education expenses, fill out our contact form or talk with a college financial aid consultant today by calling us toll free at 1-888-234-3907.