Making College Affordable

With the right support, families can make college affordable and reduce their stress before, during and after college.

With the right support, families can make college affordable and reduce their stress before, during and after college

The benefits of a four-year college education cannot be understated. Research finds that individuals trained with this kind of substantive higher-level learning earn more money and face lower levels of unemployment than the rest of the population. Still, while college can be beneficial, it must be treated as an investment, one to be made with great care, even by families that are well-off financially.

To best prepare, parents and their prospective students often need to spend hours discussing the quality of school programs, the affordability of these universities and how they can save money while paying for college. The result is often that simply trying to understand the college financial aid process creates a stressful environment. Even small decisions, such as whether the student will apply for financial aid and beneficial scholarships, can spark arguments when family resources are spread thin.

But, with so many potential opportunities, parents can make a prudent decision by investing in the help of college financial assistance services that allow them to maximize the financial aid and receive expert-level support before, during and after these crucial years of college.

At College Financing Group, we offer a low-cost solution that can provide long-term savings to families in need by allowing them to strategically navigate the college financial aid process and find the best student loan/financing options to pay for college. With affordable solutions that help keep families informed with an independent, objective voice, our services can greatly impact the affordability of this investment.

Why should I apply for financial aid?
While time-intensive to obtain, financial aid which includes, grants/scholarships (free money!), work and loans, may be more readily accessible than most parents think. Statistics from the 2011-2012 school year indicate that grants and scholarships account for roughly one-third of total education spending in the United States. This means parents can reduce the money that they or their student may need to borrow for their education through scholarship/grant assistance that effectively targets incentives their kids may already be competitive for. As such, our guidance can lead to locating more cost effective colleges less time-intensive for the family.

Our financial aid consultants can also help parents select colleges more effectively. For example, institutions with merit-based scholarships that reward students who excel at select colleges are available to those who know where to look. By targeting colleges that offer merit-based scholarships with our assistance, parents can find an institution that meets their child’s needs and also helps them reduce the overall cost of education.

How can I afford this?
At College Financing Group, we make college more affordable by saving time, money and stress for our clients. Our independent advocates can’t guarantee that scholarships can be secured, but with more than 35 years of experience in the business, our efforts can be invaluable, helping you meet other necessary objectives by devising repayment plans for student loans and other obligations.

Something as seemingly simple as a loan repayment plan, for instance, can help parents and their prospective students stave off the financial damage that can come from missed bills and added debt.

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With flat-free services that assist parents by relaying best practices for calculating college costs, answering financial aid applications and evaluating loan and financial aid options, our college financial planners are able to produce results with rates that start as low as $195.

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