Student Loan Repayment Strategies

 By making prudent financial decisions, families and students can plan for a better financial future after graduation.

By making prudent financial decisions, families and students can plan for a better financial future after graduation.

As tuition costs increase at many schools around the country, more and more parents and students are left struggling to make challenging decisions about their financial future. However, all too often these choices are made without expert guidance that can help families truly prepare for the long-term challenges of loan repayment and inform them of the consequences of negative actions such as missed payments and default.

According to education experts, students who default on student loans often face repercussions that damage the health of their overall finances, and by extension, their ability to life a stress-free life.

In extreme cases, student loan defaults can lead to wage garnishments, credit score damage and even the interception of the loan holder’s income tax returns. The most damaging of these consequences may be the individual’s loss of a prime credit score.

Without this rating, students and graduates are left to pay higher interest rates on new forms of borrowing such as credit cards, car loans, housing loans and other essentials. Over time, these extra costs can add up to thousands of dollars in losses that could have been avoided with proper planning.

At College Financing Group, our New York-based experts offer high school students, college students and graduates nationwide a low cost, flat-fee solution that can help them better understand and navigate the complexity of student loan repayment options, wherever they may be in the process.

College Financing Group, giving expert introductions to the basics of budgeting
To combat the high cost of student loans, parents and student often need to pursue a multi-pronged approach to overall budgeting. But, even though credit damage and loan payments can affect an individual’s overall ability to keep current with their finances, the full range of challenges presented by repayment problems may not be immediately obvious to those attempting to navigate it for the first time.

At College Financing Group, our experts understand the big picture, and can communicate how small, monthly changes can lead to big savings and increased financial flexibility.

Keep student loans out of sight and out of mind with our expert advisors
Student loan repayment challenges aren’t just hard on a person’s bank account, they’re hard on the individuals who carry this burden everyday. That’s why our service has been designed with our clients’ peace of mind as our highest priority.

By securing the assistance of our team of experts, who can review the wide range of repayment plans and discuss the impact of the changes, our clients gain a helping hand that reduces the time and work that goes into proper financial decision making.

College Financing Group offers payment strategies that make paying for college affordable
As part of our Loan Repayment Solutions package, our financial aid experts work with families and students to devise cost-effective loan repayment solutions. Using a four-step process, our staff can develop and review specific repayment strategies for federal education loans (Perkins, Stafford/Direct Loans, GradPLUS) repayment and private student loan repayment, all with our independent, objective analysis.

Clients who pursue this package receive:
• A comprehensive strategy overview that helps them understand the repayment process
• A summary of education loans
• Assistance with the completion of student loan repayment requirements
• Reviews of their outstanding loans and associated interest rates
• Student loan repayment counseling
• The help, guidance and personal touch of a dedicated advisor.

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