Fall College Planning For High School Seniors

Posted on September 25th, 2014

Stay sane this fall with our college planning checklist for high school seniors.

Students at Mt. Holyoke College. [Image source: Flickr user masstravel]

If you’re a high school senior, fall can be a busy time.

Between gathering teachers’ recommendations, writing essays, and trying to boost your SAT/ACT score and G.P.A. one last time, the college application process can leave many students overwhelmed.

It’s crucial for seniors to stay on top of their college applications and keep track of important dates this fall to maximize their chances of getting into the college of your choice–and getting the most money possible.

Students can check out this list from Peterson’s to keep them on track this fall, and parents can use this guide to prepare their senior for college.

Senior year will be over before you know it, so be sure to keep in mind important dates as you prepare for college. Don’t forget to put your high school’s college and financial aid nights on your calendar as well, as well as any other deadlines your college may have for requesting transcripts or submitting applications to the guidance office.

Fall college deadlines

As early as possible:

  • Search for and apply for scholarships. The more you look, the better your chances of winning free money for college.
  • Ask teachers for recommendations. Teachers will only get busier as the semester goes on, and you want to make sure your teacher has plenty of time to¬†put together a thoughtful letter singing your praises.
  • Get your essays done. Write them well before the deadline so that you can have parents, teachers or friends read them over and offer suggestions.
  • Explore your options. You may have a college or two in mind, but there are plenty you haven’t heard of that might offer a great education at a low price. Don’t be so quick to set your heart on a college–keep¬†researching and learning about other colleges so that you’ve got a few options once acceptances and financial aid offers roll out in the Spring.


  • October 11th: SAT I & Subject Test date (Juniors & Seniors)
  • October 25th: ACT Test date (Seniors)


  • November 1st: Common deadline for submitting Early Decision/Early Action program applications to colleges (Seniors)
  • November 6th: Registration deadline for December 6th SAT I & Subject Test date (Juniors & Seniors)
  • November 7th Registration deadline for December 13th ACT Test date (Seniors)
  • November 8th: SAT I & Subject Test date (Seniors)
  • November 15th: Common deadline for submitting Early Decision/Early Action program applications to colleges


  • December 6th: SAT I & Subject Test date (Juniors & Seniors)
  • December 13: ACT Test date (Seniors)


  • January 1st: Common deadline for submitting Regular Decision applications; Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is available


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