The Highest & Lowest Paying Majors By Starting Salary

Posted on November 30th, 2014

While we believe you should major in a subject you enjoy because you’ll do better if you’re interested in the material, there’s no denying that some college majors pay better than others–usually because students in these positions gain more specialized, in-demand knowledge.

According to a new study from Michigan State University, electrical engineering majors have the highest starting salaries out of college, with the average graduate making $57,030 in the first year.

Engineering majors make the most after college

The top 10 is dominated by other engineering majors, including Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering.

Don Draper wannabes, however, might want to reconsider before taking on a lot of debt to pay for college. Advertising majors, the study found, were the lowest paid of any college majors, with a starting salary of just $36,638.

Check out the full list below for the list of college majors ranked by starting salary.

Electrical engineering majors make the most money immediately after graduating college, with an average starting salary of $57,030.

Electrical engineering majors make the most money right after graduating college, with an average starting salary of $57,030.

Consider starting salary before taking out loans for college

While this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t major in one of one of the lower-ranked subjects, it’s important to keep salary in mind when figuring out how to pay for college.

If you know you’re majoring in a low-paying field, you may not be able to afford high student loan payments, so you probably don’t want to take out $100,000 in debt.

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