How to find a job during college: Part 1

Posted on June 15th, 2014

Getting a job during college is a great way to reduce costs, reduce your student loans and make college more affordable.

In the video below from ABC News, Jordan Goldman of, a college review website, offers some of his tips on where to find on-campus and off-campus jobs, what type of jobs are best and how to make the most of your experience.

He offers a lot of great advice, so we’ll be breaking our post on college jobs into two parts to cover everything.

Don’t just take any old job

While you can’t be overly picky when it comes to finding a part-time job in college, Goldman says it’s important to find one that fits your lifestyle and interests.

When searching for jobs, he says that you first need to consider who you are and what you require. For example, if you’re a social person, you may want to work in a busy place like the campus coffee shop.

But if you’re a little more reserved, perhaps doing administrative work for a professor would make you happier.

Secondly, you need to find a job that fits your schedule. Check out the hours and shifts for the places you want to work and make sure they have something that  you’d be able to commit to for the entire semester.

For example, if you have classes or other obligations every day from 9am to 5pm, you probably won’t find work in a college administrative office. But the library, late-night food shops/convenience stores or bookstore might be good options.

On-campus vs. off-campus jobs

Goldman tells students that it’s best to search for jobs on-campus before moving onto off-campus opportunities.

He says that these jobs tend to pay better, offer more flexible hours and are more convenient, since they’re located in the same place most students live and take classes.

Additionally, Goldman says that on-campus employers realize that you’re a student first, and it’s important that your job never takes away from your studies.

Colleges tend to limit the hours students can work in on-campus jobs to around 12 hours a week to ensure the job doesn’t interfere. And right before an exam or during finals week, they’re more likely than off-campus jobs to let you take time off to study and accommodate your finals schedule.

In contrast, off-campus employees often expect students to work more, very late and/or very early hours. To most, you’re just another employee, and they expect the same out of you as everyone else that works there, regardless of your student status.

Off-campus jobs also tend to pay minimum wage, whereas on-campus jobs may be $1-$2/hour higher.

Where to find the best jobs in college

Okay, so on-campus jobs are better than off-campus and you should find a job that fits your schedule and personality. But what kinds of jobs are out there, and how can you get them?

Check out Part 2 of our series to find out the best on-campus jobs and how to find off-campus opportunities if you’re not able to secure an on-campus job right away.

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