VICE News asks: Why is college so expensive?

Posted on September 13th, 2015

Why is college so expensive? Is it worth the investment?

VICE News recently aired a segment on the rising cost of college and asked a panel and viewers those questions, among others about the increase in student debt and how different college degrees affect future earnings.

Is college worth the cost?

The panel included Student Voice’s Zak Malamed, Allison Schrager from Quartz, and Dale J. Stephens, an “elementary school dropout” who founded his own business in his late teens and did not go to college.

While the panel didn’t always agree, they provide unique perspectives on who should go to college, how students should pay for it, and whether it’s worth the cost.

College decision must be taken seriously

Overall, they agreed that it’s important for prospective students to consider their ability to pay and the potential return on investment when deciding where to attend college.

As non-college-graduate Stephens put it,

It’s more important than ever for students to make an intentional choice about where they’re going to school and what they’re majoring in.

Watch the video to find out more about why college has become so expensive and difficult for students to graduate in 4 years without taking on enormous student debt, and costs of both and not going to college.

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