What college will look like in 2023

Posted on October 14th, 2013

What will higher education and college students be like in the future? The Wall Street Journal offers some predictions.

The future of college

According to the article, physical textbooks, lecture halls, and fall-to-spring calendars will likely change or be eliminated completely. The expansion of e-textbooks and online classes would seem to indicate that this is where college is headed.

Unfortunately, one thing the publication claims won’t be eliminated is the high cost of college, since much of a college’s budget is used to cover the expansion of university administrations and other nonacademic functions. But we disagree.

Will college costs continue to rise?

We believe the broadening of online classes will reduce nonacademic costs as well, since students won’t necessary live on the physical campus. Our hope, and that of many experts, is that online classes will democratize higher education and force colleges to keep their costs down in order to remain competitive.

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