Freedom from student debt

Posted on March 22nd, 2013

What if you could walk away from all your student debt?

ws_Freedom_and_Happiness_2560x1600 (1)That’s one of the more controversial ideas on the EDU Debtors Union wish list. The union believes students have very few options when it comes to repaying their loans, and mass defaults on student loans might be the only way to renegotiate debt repayment with private lenders and banks.

The union was formed out of the belief that student debtors have been abused by greedy lenders and expensive universities, similarly to labor groups whose rights were taken away by corporations.

In the video below, watch union’s leader, Monica Johnson, explain the parallels between the EDU Debtors Union and labor unions, and learn how they work to support giving debtors better repayment options to free them from stifling student loan debt.


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