What do you sacrifice for your student loan payments?

Posted on April 15th, 2013

What are you actually giving up when you repay your student debt? This infographic from Join Stampede illustrates the greater costs of student loans and the sacrifices you make in order to pay them.

info_graphics_FINAL (1)

Join Stampede describes itself as “the world’s first campaign to unite people with student debt.” Its goal is to use the power of a large group to negotiate better terms on their student loans than would normally be available to them as individuals. Over 25,000 people have signed up as of April 15, representing nearly $1.6 billion in student debt.

It’s worth checking out if you have student loans and are interested in a possible way to reduce your debt burden and improve your repayment options. If you’re having trouble repaying your student loans, don’t forget to check out repayment strategies or contact us for help.

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