Colleges consolidate to cut costs

Posted on July 22nd, 2013

Many students use consolidation as a way of reducing the costs of their monthly student loan payments. Now, universities are following their lead.

Some colleges have begun to merge and consolidate in order to lower administrative costs and pool their resources during an era of reduced education budgets.

Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University were recently consolidated to form Georgia Regents University. (Photo by Georgia Regents University)

It’s about time we started seeing colleges focusing on lowering costs–the savings which, hopefully, will be passed onto students in the form of lower tuition.

The benefits of consolidation include greater breadth of academic programs for students and the ability for colleges to attract more research funding.

Check out these article from The Hechinger Report on how universities are consolidating programs and entire schools to operate within smaller budgets and meet the public demand for greater efficiency and reduced college costs.


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