The best states for college grads to make a living

Posted on June 24th, 2016

As new college graduates look for jobs and prepare to start the next phase of their lives, many consider moving for career or financial reasons.

With most graduates carrying student debt, finding a place to live where they can build a career and repay their loans is extremely important.

Where graduates’ money goes far

To make it easier for graduates to figure out the best places to look for jobs, put together a list of the best states for people to make a living in.

best worst states to make a living

Wyoming topped the list of the best states to build a career in Wyoming for its combination of high median wages with a low cost of living and no state income tax.

Following Wyoming were Washington, Virginia, North Dakota and Texas for similar reasons.

The worst state for making a living was Hawaii for its high cost of living and high income taxes. Oregon, West Virginia, Maine and California were also among the bottom five states.

Check out the full list of state rankings.

Avoid falling behind on student loans

It’s important for college graduates, particularly those with student loans, to consider their purchasing power in the state in which they choose to reside after college.

Many graduates may be enticed by a high salary in New York or California, but these states are actually among the worst for graduates to build a living in due to their high taxes and high cost of living.

In these states and others, many graduates struggle to repay their student loans because of the high cost of paying for necessities like food and rent.

And falling behind on student loans can have serious consequences.

If you’re looking to start a career and considering a move, this list may help you figure out a place to consider looking for jobs in — and perhaps help make it easier to repay your student loans.

No matter where you live, it’s important to avoid defaulting on your student loans. We can help you figure out the best student loan repayment plan for your situation and reduce your monthly payments.

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