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10 Common FAFSA Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Posted on October 9th, 2019

Now that the FAFSA is available in October, it’s important to make sure you’re filling it out as early as possible.

But filling it out correctly is even more important. If you make a mistake on your FAFSA, you could miss out on financial aid.

Check out the top 10 common FAFSA mistakes from the Federal Office of Student Aid to make sure you don’t miss out on free money for college.

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Podcast: How to win private scholarships for college

Posted on May 12th, 2016

"Why get loans or pay out of your own pocket when you can get someone else to invest in your or your child’s education?" -- J.R. Vasquez

We write often about the necessity of making college more affordable in order to minimize student debt. One of the best ways to reduce your college costs is through private scholarships. They can be time-consuming to apply for, but winning free money for college is definitely worth it. With scholarships, you’ll have to take out less in […]

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What you need to know before taking out student loans

Posted on May 5th, 2016

Your student loan debt can affect your credit, which affects whether you’ll be able to buy a car, house or take out a loan in the future.

But a new study shows nearly half of all student loan borrowers don’t know that, according to CNBC.

Before taking out student loans, it’s important to educate yourself about the types of student loans and understand how interest and repayment work so that you can put yourself in a good position to repay them in the future.

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Low-income students can go to college for free, but most don’t attend

Posted on July 31st, 2015

"Providing information early could help overcome the lack of awareness of financial aid, limited understanding of the system, and the tendency to overestimate the price of college." -- Urban Institute Report, July 16, 2015

Not surprisingly, the rising cost of college is a big deterrent for students from low-income families to attend college, according to a new report from Urban Institute. Many low-income students don’t have the same access to information about college and financial aid programs from school counselors as higher-income students do, so a large portion of […]

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Catholic colleges increasingly out of reach for poor students

Posted on April 27th, 2015

"It’s disturbing that institutions give money in these very difficult times to students who don’t need it and don’t focus their resources on those who absolutely need it the most." -- Kati Haycock

One of the main tenants of Roman Catholicism is to help the poor, but a new study finds Catholic colleges and universities in the U.S. are doing a poor job. The New America Foundation found that five of the 10 most expensive private universities for low-income students, and 10 of the top 28, are Catholic. […]

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Wealthy students more likely than poor to get private scholarships

Posted on April 23rd, 2015

Scholarships and grants are supposed to help students afford college when they may not otherwise be able to.

But a new report finds that most private scholarships, such as those through Rotary Clubs, or other organizations, are going to more wealthy students than poor ones.

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Pell Grant payouts not keeping up with college costs

Posted on October 21st, 2014

The Federal Pell Grant program was established to help make it possible for low-income students who may have not otherwise been able to afford a college education to do so. Unlike loans, the grant does not have to be repaid, which helps reduce the burden for students who receive the grant.

As college costs have risen, the maximum federal Pell Grant has risen as well–but not nearly enough to cover the huge increase, Inside Higher Education reports.

According to a new report from the Education Trust, New America Foundation, and Young Invincibles, the Pell Grant program is failing to keep up in providing low-income students with access to a college education.

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The calls for free college are getting louder

Posted on July 22nd, 2014

"The people who are struggling to pay for college today go way beyond poor people. There’s a need for a universal program." -- Sara Goldrick-Rab

With college costs reaching record levels and still rising, the idea of free college might sound like a pipe dream. Some colleges offer free tuition to the very top students, but these scholarships are extremely competitive. And even with financial aid, most students usually end up paying large amounts for college and taking out student loans. […]

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How to avoid financial aid scams

Posted on June 6th, 2014

"You should never have to pay to apply for any scholarship or to submit any paperwork for scholarship. That’s a very important thing for everyone to know." -- Tess Clarke

Applying for scholarships, grants and other forms of financial aid to help pay for college can be overwhelming for many students and families. And with the cost of college rising rapidly, there’s no shortage of students applying. The internet has made this a lot easier, but not all financial aid websites are created equal. Tess Clarke, a guidance […]

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The most popular safety school in every state

Posted on April 9th, 2014

‘Safety schools,’ or colleges considered back-ups to students’ top choices, get a bad rap.

But as many students have found, attending a college that isn’t your first choice can be a great way to save money and avoid student loan debt.

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