Share of consumers with student debt by state

Posted on May 22nd, 2013

The average share of all U.S. consumers with student loan debt stands at 16.2%. How does your state rank? Check out the map below to see the percentage of your state’s population with student loan debt.

Hawaii has the lowest percentage, with less than 12% of people showing to have student debt. The District of Columbia comes out on top, with over 25% of people showing student loan debt on their credit reports. Interestingly, despite Washington D.C.’s high percentage of people with student loans, it has a lower-than-average delinquency rate of only 7.3%.

The full report also shows that 11.9% of all borrowers are 90 days or more past due on their loans, and the average student debt per borrower stands at $24,810. You can view these percentages for each state as well.

New York ranks above average for share of student debt, 17.5% of its population carrying a balance on their student loans, as well as higher average total loan balances. However, like D.C., it has a lower-than-average delinquency rate of 9.8%.

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