“A generation that can barely stand on its feet”: The plight of the millennial parent

Posted on June 13th, 2013

While the millennial generation has been labeled as lazy, entitled, and narcissistic, many people neglect to realize that this generation has entered a world with shrinking employment opportunities and mobility. For young people, jobs (especially good ones) are hard to find, and many are saddled with tons of college debt.

And for young adults who are parents themselves–34% of adults aged 18-29, as of 2010–the struggle is even greater. These parents will still be paying off their student loans when their kids go to college, and many feel guilty they will not be able to give their children the opportunities they received from their parents.

This enlightening article from Al Jazeera explores a group of people ignored by the media–millennial parents, “A generation that can barely stand on its feet…in charge of another generation’s welfare.”

Fewer than one-third of people in this age group have a full-time job. They have minimal savings and the highest student loan debt in recorded history. Most cannot afford cars, homes, health insurance or other material goods once considered basic elements of life in the US.

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