Infographic: Student debt in the U.S. by generation

Posted on August 25th, 2013

Ever wondered how today’s college graduates (and their student loan debt loads) compare to those of previous generations?

This infographic from Manilla¬†explores how tuition, college fees, and student loan debt have skyrocketed since today’s graduates’ grandparents went to school. Even adjusting for inflation, the cost of college, particularly at private universities, has gotten out of control.

Be warned–this may have you wishing you were a member of the “Greatest Generation.” But remember that some older Americans are still paying off their own student loans as they’re paying extra to send their kids to college.

And if you’re planning to send your future kids to college, you might want to start saving now. By 2030 a 4-year college education could cost a whopping $414,000.

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